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The brain behind the technical knowledge and innovation we provide, and the heart behind the expertise we provide to our customers. We are a team of exceptional, creative, and smart individuals who use technology to achieve a greater purpose. As we work together to achieve our vision, we are guided by shared core values that guide us every step of the way.

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Our Core Values

At Delaine, we are defined by our Core Values.

Change and growth are part of our journey, but the beliefs we place the most importance on remain the same. We are a people-centric company that strives for excellence through our practices, embraces change, acts with integrity, while laying a strong emphasis on exceptional work ethics, honesty, and accountability, and promises to provide great products and services to our customers. We also provide a constant learning experience for our employees and foster teamwork within the organization. 

Our People are at the core of what we do & how we do it. We value our employees, encourage their development, and reward them for their efforts. Our employees are always our top priority and we try to support them in every way possible.

We assess and monitor our operations using up-to-date business practices. This allows us to identify areas in which we can improve and make changes accordingly. Moreover, we hold timely meetings with our teams and clients to make sure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. By following these practices, we are able to Pursue Excellence in all that we do.

We promote a culture of value, respect, and support at our workplace. Our employees are our most valuable asset and by investing in them, we believe that we are investing in the future of our company. We are committed to providing a supportive and positive work environment where everyone can thrive.

A strict code of ethics and legal standards underpins everything we do. We take this into account in our daily business conduct, our employee policies, as well as our commitment to human rights and social responsibility.

In our work environment, everyone has the opportunity to grow together. Leadership in every department promotes teamwork and assists everyone in gaining real-life experience.


What people have said about us

Employee-oriented company culture is essential for retaining skilled employees and helping them stay positive. Discover what our employees think about the work they do, the values they hold dear and how they’re growing at the company.


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